Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Ambassador who can't recite the National Anthem

The Senate has confirmed the ambassadorial appointment of Ijeoma Bristol, who COULD NOT recite the National Anthem when she appeared before it a fortnight ago, on compassionate grounds.
Mrs Bristol, from Anambra State, had failed to impress the senate committee on foreign affairs at a screening of ambassadorial nominees. She was not able to recite both the national anthem and the pledge. She could also not say the capital of Jigawa State.
Despite her shortcomings, the senate’s foreign affairs committee recommended that she should be approved for the job “so that she will retire as an ambassador”.
Jubril Aminu (PDP Adamawa State), head of the senate committee on foreign affairs, told the senate that even though he was personally against Mrs Bristol’s approval for the job and had advised that she go and learn about Nigeria first, majority of the committee members were lobbied to approve her.
Can you imagine? Anything goes in this country. I might as well be an Ambassador for Czechoslovakia!!!
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