Monday, March 21, 2011

The mother who had another woman’s baby by mistake

Carolyn  and Sean Savage, a couple who embarked on the fertility treatment they hoped would give them a longed-for fourth child were shocked when a phone call that was to devastate their lives came just after Carolyn’s morning sickness had started.
The head of the fertility clinic broke the news to Sean that Carolyn was pregnant — but not with their child. The mix-up had happened because the other mother’s maiden name, marked on the vials containing the maturing embryos, was similar to Savage.
The situation — so desperately unfair for both couples involved — could have resulted in lengthy courtroom battles to determine whose child Logan actually was.
However it didn’t because she gave up the baby just minutes after his birth. Logan’s genetic parents, Shannon and Paul Morell, took him home from hospital, and have cared for him ever since.
Na wa o... this technology sef... How can a woman carry a baby in her womb for nine months and you say it isn’t hers!! It must have been hard to let go.

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