Thursday, March 10, 2011

UK-Based Nigerian Pastor, Albert Odulele, Pleads Guilty To Sex Attack On Boy

The UK-based Nigerian priest,  Pastor Albert Odulele, who heads the Glory House Church in East London has pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 16-year old boy at the church premises in Kent.
The 47-year old pastor admitted court that he indecently assaulted an underaged boy.

Pastor Odulele was arrested last year and later charged by the Metropolitan Police's Major Child Abuse Investigation Unit with two offences - an indecent assault of an under 16 year old, and the sexual assault of another male teenager- according a Channel 4 news report.

He will be sentenced to prison at a yet-to-be-announced date.

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Anonymous said...

i'm still thinking could this be true!..but i know Channel 4 news wont carry fake news...i've heard him preach about twice face to face n on tv!..gosh wat is dis world turning to?...