Monday, March 14, 2011

'Stolen' sex tape of R&B singer Usher and ex-wife Tameka being hawked to the highest bidder

Usher Raymond is the latest celebrity to have a very personal home video leaked to the press. A sex tape featuring the R&B singer and his now ex-wife Tameka Foster is currently being hawked to media outlets.

The OMG singer, 32, believes that the tape could be one of the items that was stolen from his car during a robbery in 2009.In December 2009 Usher reported $1 million worth of belongings were stolen from his car, including two laptop computers and jewellery.

The celebrity website was sent a clip of the alleged tape and confirmed that it is indeed Usher and Miss Foster, 40. It is not clear when the tape was recorded.

OMG!!!! But is it really necessary to record such ‘moments’? Now see what has happened.

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Anonymous said...

poor guy..but me thinks celebrities should be more careful and learn what should not be recorded!..and if they must, just keep it in a safe!