Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cocktail with Fola Adeola

I've been meeting a number of political aspirants lately. On Sunday, had a cocktail with Fola Adeola somewhere in Victoria Island and I was struck by the number of youths at the event. I kept wondering, where are all the older people?

BTW, he looks much younger close up and dressed in jeans and shirt, different from the 'natives' i've seen him wearing a couple of times.

Anyway, he answered a lot of questions and it was obvious he did not have an idea he was going to be a Vice Presidential candidate of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) until a few weeks earlier. Was quite impressed and i'm thinking seriously about giving him my vote.... time will tell.... still need to meet some more of them.

Read more about the cocktail here

Also met with Dele Momodu, Presidential Candidate of the National Conscience Party (NCP) about two weeks ago at an interactive meeting with members of the disability community.

Looks much nicer in person I must say. Also sounded quite convincing.

Still confused about who to vote for. I must pray about it….

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