Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reality TV Show for Pornography!!!

A new X Factor-style TV show has been launched in South Africa to find two new porn stars. The winners of Porn Stars - one man and one woman - will land roles in adult magazine Hustler's end-of-year adult film and receive £450 each.
They will compete at sex exhibition Sexpo in August and October in Durban and Johannesburg, where they will do their best to gain public votes by performing different live sex acts on stage. The budding porn stars must be 18 or over and are required to present a certificate proving they are free of any sexually transmitted diseases.
Producer Donovan van Wyngaard said he hopes the competition will find the new faces of South African pornography.
He said: "We never anticipated such a great response. It took us by surprise that such a large number of people would be interested in the show, but we are extremely pleased. The finalists will be performing sexual acts live on stage so people at the show can vote.”
Cash price of only £450!!! Over 1000 auditions!!!! Sexpo!!!!! Live sex on stage!!!!!! What is this? Sodom and Gomorrah? I’m speechless…..


Anonymous said...

This na f**king matter, forget soddom

Olori said...

lol i had to laff first abeg. The way d promotion is you would think its like a competition for the best math geek in the world. but im with you tho, for wat they have to do 450 pounds is less than chicken change abeg. And why are they surprised by the turnout? The economy is hard o so ppl are doing anything

Anonymous said...