Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teaching jobs at Corona for young graduates

I was at a press conference yesterday at Corona Schools’ Trust Council where they spoke about employing young graduates between the ages of 21 and 26 who have Second Class Upper degrees as teachers. The graduates would have to apply for a 6-month training programme where they would be taught teaching and personal development skills before being selected as teachers in any of the seven Corona schools.

The training is being run by AGDC – After Graduate Development Center. When I asked why the age limit is so young, Detoun Ogwo, Executive Director of AGDC said they wanted ‘young’ people who have a passion for bringing up the future leaders. I was thinking to myself that it would be quite difficult to find graduates who have completed their NYSC and are interested in teaching within that age range until she told me they have received almost 5,000 applications and counting!

Well…. what can I say? It would definitely be nice if more young people are interested in teaching. Would be nice for the graduates who would get out of the unemployed group, and for the children themselves who would have young, vibrant people teaching them in class instead of the old, tired faces found in most schools today.

The Executive Director of Corona Schools’ Trust Council, Olufunto Igun, said that Corona offers industry competitive ‘salaries’ and that other schools have indicated interest in taking in the teachers if not all are absorbed by Corona. Also, the trainees would be paid an allowance during the training period.

So, what are you waiting for? Applications are still on. Details here

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