Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A tiny girl in a big, big, world

This is an inspiring story of a mother’s struggle to give her primordial-dwarf daughter a normal life. When she was born Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley was so tiny nurses called her Thumbelina. She weighed two-and-a-half pounds, measured just 11 inches from head to toe and wasn't expected to survive.

Today Kenadie is roughly the size of a healthy 18-month-old, except she's not 18 months, she is seven. For her mother, Brianne Jourdin, the physical and emotional aspects of caring for Kenadie at their home in Ontario, Canada can be a struggle, but she remains determined to make life as normal as possible for her little princess.

This tiny girl has primordial dwarfism, an extremely rare form of dwarfism that means her head and limbs are absolutely in proportion to the rest of her body, giving her a doll-like appearance.

Kenadie was born with a tiny head and was missing part of her brain. Her hand was no bigger than a quarter dollar and her foot was only an inch-and-a-half long.
'I just want to hear her cry...If she cries, then she's alive,' Ms Jourdin said recalling the moment Kenadie was born.  'And then we just heard this tiny, tiny little meow.
So, so cute...


Anonymous said...

imagine what she can do from being small

Gbemisoke said...

She's blessed to have a mother with a heart full of love! A real miracle!!!
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